Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow IS On It's Way!!

From Mark Rose at the National Weather Service in Nashville.

New model guidance
"Model data from the evening computations appear to all be in, and the model guidance (not the actual forecast) from the NGM model gives us a low temperature tomorrow night of 31 degrees with an 88% probability of precipitation (PoP). Thursday's high is put at 37o, with 98% PoP, and for Thursday night those figures are 36o/80%.The GFS output is even jucier. For Nashville, the GFS guidance gives us a Wednesday night low of 25o and a 72% PoP. Thursday's values are 39o/99%, and for Thursday night it's 30o/82%."
You can lower these temperatures by a few degrees for those of us here in the Upper Cumberland Area. I'm thinking 27 on Wednesday night and Thursday morning......

We'll update again later.....

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