Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot August Preview

Looks like the new month will debut with a very hot start.

August starts right around 88° and 65° and by mid-August the heat still rules with only a 1° drop in the average maximum and minimum temperatures. By the end of August, the average maximum is 85° and the average minimum is 61°.

Records in August are quite interesting.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in August in Cookeville, TN is 43° on the 31st back in 1946. The hottest August temperature is 105° on August 8, 1930 with a 104° degree reading as recent as August 24, 2007.

The warmest 'low' temperature or 'highest daily minimum' occurred on August 14 and 15, 1944 when the low was a balmy 80°. The coolest 'high' temperature or 'lowest daily maximum' was a chilly 64° on August 31, 1915.

The wettest single day in August occurred on August 16, 1964 when 3.57 inches of rain was recorded.

Recently, on August 19, 2010, we saw 3.26" while the previous day (8/18/2010) saw 2.75". I checked the total from my Davis Vantage Vue for that date and found we received 7.85" on August 17, 18, and 19, 2010 with 6.72" of that coming on August 18th. You can read all about this amazing amount of rain in August of 2010 on my blog by going here.

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