Thursday, February 8, 2007

Is There Snow On The Way?

Brrr...what a cold day here on the Plateau..
The high temperature was 33.0 at 3:33 this afternoon..
The low was 24.0 at 7:53 am

..10 mph winds to go with a mostly cloudy day made it feel like 15-20 degrees most of the day.

...tonight's low temperatures will be several degrees colder than today...probably in the 17-19 range depending on elevation and how much clearing goes on...

...this incoming weather for Southern Middle Tennessee sure looks could produce some snow flurries here on the Plateau for Friday......As most of you know, snow flurries can quickly add up to more! If this system moves 50 miles to the south, we're dry...50 miles to the north and we could have a significant snow event! Right now, flurries is a good call.

....other than the Friday Snow Flurries, our weather pattern will be quiet through Sunday evening with a warming trend...Sunday's highs could hit the upper 40's.

One last thing...I was able to speak at my daughter's school during the mini-course career's segment last week about my work in sales and fun weather stuff. It was a great time and I don't think I embarrassed my child too much! The kids were enjoyable...they asked plenty of questions and didn't mind hearing my story.

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