Monday, February 12, 2007

What A Shot!

The above photo was taken on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. It has the distinction of the 'Worlds Worst Weather'....the temperature at the time of the photo by Jon Cotton was probably in -22 range. These three were waiting for the sun to rise!

Mount Washington is the ultimate trip for those of us who love the weather. Summit conditions right now at 10:30 pm EST are -21.5 with a wind running around 65 mph which gives you a dangerous wind chill of -65 degrees! WOW!

Back here in Tennessee, we are currently at 48 degrees (the warmest it has been since mid-January) and expect rain very soon. Temperatures will fall dramatically late Tuesday and we expect some snow Tuesday evening. The extended forecast is for cold days and VERY cold nights. Snow returns for the weekend.

Early next week could give a more mild pattern with temperatures returning to the 50's!

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