Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What A Change!

What a wonderful reminder that Spring will spring again soon. While these tulips are gone, they were really pretty while they lasted!! This picture was taken during our 80+ degree weather in the first few days of April. Our extremes in April have been 82 on April 2nd and 22 on April 8th...a 60 degree difference....SHOCKING

We have recovered nicely over the last couple of days!

After snow flying on Sunday afternoon, we saw 66 degrees on Tuesday in Cookeville. I was actually able to get out in the yard and run the mower. The grass appears to be in great shape. Our trees, however, are suffering from the record cold. Most of the leaves are brown and wilted on many of our trees. Some will not come back this season and some (including the Tulip Poplar) will not bloom at all. We have a maple that has suffered some damage, a magnolia that has many damaged leaves, and several of our Bradford Pear trees suffered major leaf damage. I'm confident they'll come back, though.

Our outlook over the next several days is a cool night (in the 40's) tonight. Tomorrow, we see rain moving in and temperatures will cool down for the next couple of days...however, our weekend appears to be wonderful with highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. We just have to get through a day or two of highs only around 60.

On Saturday, my daughter and I will participate in Putnam Pride Day. It is a county-wide cleanup day. With the great weather coming, I anticipate a GREAT turnout. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the kids and staff at Virginia Tech.

May the peace of the Lord rest with the survivors.

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