Friday, May 11, 2007

25 Greensburg, KS Photos

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Rarely have I seen such destruction of a town. When they said 95% of the town is gone, they weren't exaggerating. Very sad.

Notice in picture #11 & #12 the heap of green steel. That was once a water tower. The difficulty this town now faces is loss of infrastructure.

Picture #14 appears to be a school.


Anonymous said...

[quote]hey cam~

what did you do your science fair project on?


Sorry havent got back to answering.

Mine was on "what are the chances of successfully predicting lottery numbers and other games of chance. I’ll kind of explain it.

I took two yrs worth of lotto numbers and sorted them and made 2 bar graphs to see if any came up more than others. I also built a game of chance of my own. It was a series of pegs bout 50 I believe in a triangular shape. At the bottom there were ten slots in which the ball could come out.

I concluded that that there were no numbers on the lotto that came out more than others or should I say there were no favorable numbers. However on my game of chance the ball had a tendency to go towards the bottom, in other words there were favorable numbers my game of chance. How can my game of chance relate to re life games of chance? Horse racing! You can see, in that game skill comes in to play. One horse has a tendency to do better than others. I would bet on that horse to have not a guarantee of winning, but a better chance of winning. Some games of chance can have a degree of predictability but others do not.

Weather can have a pretty side and ungly side. Those photos demonstrate the ugly side.


Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Cam...

Thanks for that info! Very interesting....I think the lottery is for people who can't do math (to quote Dave Ramsey) about overwhleming odds of not winning! have a better chance of being struck and killed by lightning....


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