Saturday, May 19, 2007

And The Winners Are.......

Our daughter (#154) and a good friend of hers (#134) ran a 5K today in our wonderful city. As you can see, they sprinted to the finish line. Her friend finished a step ahead. The great news is they are different age divisions and both finished first in their respective age group.

My father in-law also ran in the race and finished first in his age group! Way to go, Toney...another awesome thing about being 60+.

We are blessed with a BEAUTIFUL Saturday! After morning lows that ranged from 41 at our home and in the 30's in some locations, we've warmed up by almost 25 degrees at 10:15 a.m.

I'll be posting later today about my weather station. Several people have asked me about my setup, etc. The post should answer questions and help others who are interested in setting up their own weather station. I'll make this offer...if you live fairly close to Cookeville, I'm happy to advise you on what to purchase and help get you set up!

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