Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nice, Very Nice!

By clicking on the name of this post, you can see our 7-day forecast (courtesy of the National Weather Service). Other than a slight 20% chance today, there is no rain forecasted over the next 7 days. The other thing to notice is lows will be in the lower 40's through Saturday rising into the 50's beyond that....highs will mainly be in the 60's and 70's rising to the 80's by the first of the upcoming workweek.

Although we need rain, the sunshine will help our gardens and grass to grow nicely. We won't complain about that!

The picture above is one I took recently at Fall Creek Falls State Park located in Spencer, TN. At 256 feet, these falls are the highest east of the Rocky Mountain range. The park is located just off Highway 111. To get there from either the west or east, take exit 288 off Interstate 40 and go south approximately 30 miles to Spencer and follow the signs. You won't be disappointed!

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