Friday, May 18, 2007

Special Weather Statement

Can you believe that it is May 18, 2007 and we're talking about patchy frost?

I can't either! ;)

It appears in our immediate area that we'll see temperatures near 40, however in higher elevations of the Cumberland Plateau and East Tennessee temperatures will drop into the mid 30's and patchy frost could be a problem.

The good news is our forecasted highs will be mostly in 70's this weekend and in the 80's during the workweek!

Tonight's title can be clicked on and it will take you to the Morristown, TN National Weather Service Website. Once there, you'll see a Frost Advisory for Western North Carolina. Quite interesting for mid-May 2007. Someone wake up Al Gore!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to post on here so I don’t make anyone on the blog mad.

Mike, well apparently this unseasonable cold weather is due to global warming. It seems that the global warming has upset our weather. Causing us to have unseasonable temps. That's the latest I've heard. lol

Come on, you know they are only saying that just to cover them selves. You how much money he makes off them books he sells. I guess stock piling a bunch of money is more important to him than God and the environment. If he really believed in it, he would be investing his money in the environment.

Another thing I do not like it when the Hollywood stars claim they love and want to help our environment out so much. And after their speech they hop right in their SUV. lol
Makes me laugh. Have a good night

- Cam

Michael Detwiler said...

yep, or FLY on their private plane!!!!!!!

It is a religion to these people.....The Church of Global Warming....Al Gore is their pope and Michael Moore sits on their board of deacons....scary, isn't it???

Thanks for your comments, Cam..they are appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh... Global Warming maybe true or it may not be. Humans can adjust to climate change and have on the past. But, You have to understand that this theory has a lot of politics involved with it.


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