Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Morning (Earthquake Update)

56.8 degrees as I post this. Quite nice.

Upper 80's to near 90 for the weekend and not much of a chance for rain.

An earthquake struck near here on Tuesday evening.....the link to the information can be found by clicking on the the title of the post above. Makes me wonder about purchasing that Earthquake Insurance from my agent.

The quake information was relayed to me by one of the guys who reads my blog...thanks Daniel

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the quake was pretty strange. Happened about 45 minutes after the rain stopped, it was one low thud and about a half-second later a much larger boom which shook the ground pretty good. I thought it was an explosion or a sonic boom or something. Turns out it was an earthquake. 3 miles below the surface, it had the power of one of those MOAB bombs you hear about.


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