Tuesday, July 3, 2007

90 Day Outlook

The Climate Prediction Center has released it's 90-day outlook. Here in Tennessee, the outlook is not what most of us want to see. Above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation.

David Glenn in Chattanooga has posted an excellent synopsis on his blog. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

NWS always predicts above average temps and below average precip. They also like predicting active hurricane.

Mike - I wasn't sure what this blog would turn into when it was started, but you are one of few bloggers that actually update their blog daily. Folks... This is an example of a successful blog (so far) and this is what you have to do to get hits, blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike I have enjoyed your posts on he ABC33/40 blog. I like your site and do appreciate your coments. I am begining to think that the weather service might be correct about the hot and dry. Hopefully the system over Texas will move east and we can get some rain. Here in Vigo so far this year we have recieved about 12 incehs of rain. That is not scientificly measured I use just a large rain guage.

Nice job for sure.


Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Bill~

Thanks for the very kind comments. One thing I am striving for with this blog is to be interesting enough to keep folks coming back. Hopefully, we're accomplishing that. Once CoCoRaHS comes to your state, you'll be able to measure the rain with a GREAT rain gauge! Thanks for your nice comments.


P.S. Those guys at 33/40 do an awesome job.


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