Monday, July 2, 2007

Deerfield Beach, Florida

HOLY COW!!! What a picture! Taken on Monday evening, July 2nd


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Michael. That is an awesome lightning shot! I hope to be able to take a picture of lightning like that some day. Of course, I would definitely want to be in a completely safe environment. Awesome storm pictures elsewhere on your blog. Thanks for reminding me to check it periodically.

Webpage below shows the Maryland/Delaware ACON monthly reports (ACON stands for Atlantic Coast Observer Network) that I help coordinate and of course contribute my monthly data to. There are still chapters for VA/NC/SC and for MA/CT/RI elsewhere on the web (Links for these areas can be found on this jhuapl site (Johns Hopkins Univ Applied Physics Lab)


Mike Wilhelm said...

Really great photos, Michael, on these recent posts. I am currently not online at home, so I wond be posting and commenting as much. Have a great Independence day!


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