Friday, August 31, 2007

August By-The-Numbers

Our record-setting August is over. (Cookeville, TN)

I've crunched the numbers and it's interesting to say the least.

Average Daily High: 93.8° (Normal: 87.0) +6.8
Average Daily Low: 71.5° (Normal: 63.3) +8.2

Average Temperature: 82.7 (Normal: 75.2) +7.5

Rainfall Amount: 2.21" (Normal: 4.28) -2.07"
Record Rainfall Year was 1926 where 12.60" fell
Since June 1st, we've received 8.19" of rain. Our June, July, August average is 13.30 inches...making us about 5 plus inches short for the summer.

We crossed the 100-degree plateau three times in August, three times we were in the 80's(including the last two days in a row) and the rest of month we were in the 90's.

100° plus days = 3
90° plus days = 25
80° plus days = 3

Our local NWS COOP Station recorded 6 days over 100 degrees.

What a month!

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