Friday, September 7, 2007

Changes, Gabrielle, TTU & More!

Could our stubborn weather pattern by changing soon? I believe it will very soon. By this time next week, our highs may only reach 80! Check out the forecast by clicking here!

Gabrielle seems to be getting her act together. The Nat'l Hurricane Center issued a Special Tropical Disturbance Statement. You can read the full statement by clicking here.

TTU (that's Tennessee Tech for you out-of-towners who may not know) got off to a roaring start in the home opener. Our outstanding receiver and kick returner Larry Shipp took the opening kickoff to the end zone to start the ballgame. It got the record crowd into the game quickly! :) TTU won 45-21 over Cumberland University. Next up our team is Concordia College.

I'm looking forward to the cool down. Read a note from the NWS-Nashville about 43 consecutive days of above normal high temperatures. What a stat!

Oh, and the Fun Weather Fact of The Day is this....from 1925
On September 7, 1925...A late-summer heat wave brings the hottest temperature ever recorded in Middle Tennessee as Clarksville observes a reading of 112 degrees. (The record high for the entire state of Tennessee is 113 (Perryville, 8/9/1940).) Pinewood tops out at 108 degrees.


Maynard said...

I heard that the Tech crowd was the largest ever for a Tech home opener. Impressive.

Michael Detwiler said...


Yes, the crowd was LARGE and I heard the same about the 'largest ever' for a home opener. The Watson Brown era at TTU has opened with a bang! :)


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