Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Much Needed Rain Received!

While I've received 1.48" over the last two days, some sections of Middle Tennessee got more than 7+" of the wet stuff! All of us needed the rain as we're nearly 50% short for the year.

The forecast promises more chances in the next few days for rain and then we'll settle in a much cooler pattern. This is all good news!

The US Winter Outlook report is available from NOAA. Click here to view entire report.

Coming back here to Middle TN, the Weather Fact Of The Day from the National Weather Service located in Nashville is quite interesting. Temperatures near 20 degrees in 1981 for this date and tornadoes in 2001 on this date. Click here to read more!

The Drudge Report has the latest news on the California Fires.

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Wayfarer said...

Alright Big guy...We have stared at the beautful rain shot long enough. It makes us jealous enough as it is...;-)..


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