Monday, November 5, 2007

Strong Weather In Tennessee

(Photo courtesy of The Tennessean)

(Photo is courtesy of News 2 in Nashville and James Pellegrino)
A line of severe storms crossed through Tennessee on Monday evening. A tornado (via doppler radar) was reported near Nashville during the 5 pm rush hour. The National Weather Service had a spotter report a 75 mph wind gust around 5:15 tonight. Behind those line of storms, winds have turned to the north and continued to be gusty.

Our weather for Tuesday will be quite different than on Monday. We saw highs reach the 70's on Monday after morning lows in the 30's, however, we'll struggle to see highs touch 50 on Tuesday. A hard freeze is expected on Tuesday night.

I've analyzed our October weather numbers and here is what we had:
2.24" of rain (just 8 days of measurable rain)
87° was our high on 10-08
36° was our low on 10-29 and 10-30
30 mph wind gust on 10-18


Wayfarer said...

I hope you used this time to properly educate Mary Kathrine on dopplar radar interpretaion..;-)
Glad nobody got hurt..

Mike Wilhelm said...

You hogged all of the active wx last night...I watched it fizzle into nothing as it crossed into Alabama...

Wayfarer said...

or could it be a "Mikevoid"...similar to the "Dewvoid"??

Michael Detwiler said...

I can assure you boys that NOTHING occurred in my neck of the woods. Now, farther west, toward Nashville...that is where the fireworks happened! I'm at least 80 miles from there. :)

Wayfarer said...

80 miles..???!! Thats practically next door. Road Trip!! ;-)


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