Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Warm Tuesday and Then BIG Changes!

Could the white stuff be in our forecast??

We'll see 70+° for our high today and that can only mean one thing in November. Change is on the way! Storms come in for our Wednesday and then Thanksgiving Day will be chilly with a possibility of some snow flurries by Thursday night. Friday will be downright COLD with windy conditions.

Severe weather is a possibility on Wednesday. We're in the 15% category according to the SPC.

Here is our forecast. If you like a little variety, you'll love the forecast.

The National Weather Service Office in Nashville has issued a Hazardous Weather Statement warning travelers during the Thanksgiving holiday.

On this date in Weather History, a tornado strikes Columbia, TN back in 1900 killing 27...read the full account here


Kevin Shaw said...


I just sent you an email with our general itinerary for our travels down to Pleasant Hill on Wed/Thu. Timing is key. We should get to Bristol VA/TN in the evening hours on Wed, and leave around 9 AM Thu from there to get to dinner at Pleasant Hill by 1 pm, we do get an extra hour with the time zone change.. I will be up on email later on this evening.

Kevin Shaw said...

Please use kshaw1@rcn.com for any email replies- I don't check my gmail account routinely.. Thanks!


P.S. My cell phone number is 301-437-1442.

Michael Detwiler said...


I sent you an e-mail this evening to your rcn.com account!!


P.S. Travel safely my friend!

Kevin Shaw said...

Thanks Michael. Got your email, including your cell phone number.
Probably will call my old friend Henry the Science And Operations Officer at NWS Nashville sometime tomorrow to get an update on my travelling weather on Wednesday. Of course will have a weather radio with me in the car, just got a Midland WX Radio with SAME earlier this year. And tonight will be checking the NWS forecast office websites out of Blacksburg VA, Morristown TN for the forecasts for tomorrow. I like to read the forecast discussions to really understand what is going on.

Will try and call you during our period there. Thanks, Kevin


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