Friday, November 30, 2007

Weather News

Interesting story from Newschannel 5 in Nashville, TN (link here)

Another story (in a series) about 2007 in review! (link here)

Yet another (in the same series) about the HEAT! (link here)

Great Source for Weather Information (forecasts, current conditions, etc). I would definitely bookmark this link.

A guy from MIT (the Tennessee Tech of the North) predicts the U.T. Vols will knock off LSU in the SEC Championship during his posting of the weather forecast (link here)...while I hope UT wins, I not sure this student isn't smoking something! :)

Dr. Greg Forbes of The Weather Channel discusses the 'quiet' November tornado season (link here)

The Knoxville News-Sentinel talks about the recent rain's impact to area TVA lakes. (link here)


Maynard said...

Tennessee Tech of the North. Haha, that was great.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks! I'm glad SOMEONE got it! :)


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