Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Weekend Snow?

We're keeping an eye on a possible winter weather situation for this upcoming weekend. I realize that we are several days out on this one. It appears right now that enough cold air will be in place along with enough precipitation to give us at least a chance for snow showers on Sunday.

The whole timing of this system will determine when we'll see the winter weather. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days. As always, it's fun to get excited about the possibility of snow here in Middle TN, but we all must understand that it doesn't always work out.

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Anonymous said...

ok I want to see some snow! I hgave kids and grandkids coming and snow would be great!

And Christmas am I'll be opening my weather station, it's arriving tommrow by UPS. Thanks for the help in picking one out!

Michael Detwiler said...

Bill (rowdy57)....I'm glad to have been able to help...just yell at me if you need help with installing it...I'll be off work from Friday on through to the 31st....


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