Sunday, December 30, 2007

The CWG Official Snow Poll

Just posted this poll to the right about whether or not it'll snow on January 1st or 2nd. The forecasting models were in agreement for something, but backed off some! Typical Tennessee winter! You could read the latest NWS Forecast Discussion here. Oh, go and vote! :)


Anonymous said...


I wanted to vote somewhere in between Yes accumulating and Yes flurries. So I just clicked Yes accumulating but with the thought that their might be a dusting I-65 eastward with a little more than an inch in your area. My thoughts are constantly changing about this system. But what I sure of is that what ever precip does fall night the 1st will be frozen. But I'll take what we get. Hope your little one had a merry Christmas.

-Cameron K

Michael Detwiler said...


I know what you mean, guess I could have had about 10 different choices for answers...kind of hard to answer..depends on where people live....Thanks for voting..we had a GREAT Christmas! Back to work tomorrow for a day, then off for a day!! GO TITANS!

Baxterwx Admin said...

I posted a link to your poll on my site too. Lets see how many votes for snow we can get - maybe it will help!


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