Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow This Weekend? (But, first a record!)

Snow is possibly in the forecast this weekend for Tennessee. First, however, we'll break a record today as highs are expected to reach the lower 70's. Some in the business expect the temperatures across the Cumberland Plateau to reach the mid 70's. I love it!

Now, for this weekend, we are seeing some indications of a possible early season snowstorm. I'm not SOLD at this point, but some of the professionals in the meteorology business are beginning to talk about it. I'll post some links below for your reading pleasure!

Nashville NWS (blog site)
Nashville NWS (regular forecasting site)
Weather Core Computer Model Link Site

There are many more sites to checkout, however, these will lead you there!

Have a nice day! :)


Mike Wilhelm said...

The weather was PERFECT when I went out to lunch. The sun was shining, breeze was blowing, and the temp was in the 70's! It would have been nice beach weather...

Let it snow!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, that map on Alabamawx.com that was showing Nashville receiving 6 inches -- that was a nice map. Do you know where they got that from?

Anonymous said...

Hey mike, hope your little one is doing fine. I got a question concerning Cocorahs:

As you know this weekend we are looking middle tn's(possibly)first snow of the season. Now if everything goes as said then it will rain then change over to snow. And get below freezing Saturday night. What do I do concerning my gauge? Should I take out the little tube since we are anticipating snow that day; but what about rain coming before the snow? To sum everything up, what do I do in a rain to snow change over situation?

- Cameron K.

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Cam:

My thoughts are that you should 'take out' the inner cyclinder or tube of the rain gauge and catch the snow (should we have any) in the larger cyclinder. What falls as rain and/or snow can be brought indoors. The snow will melt quickly and you can pour the liquid into your smaller gauge to measure and report.

I hope we get ALOT!!! :)

Michael Detwiler said...


The map from James was from the GFS...global forecasting system. Believe it was the 12z...


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