Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Storm Damage

Reports from NEWS 2 in Nashville indicate there are TOO MANY TREE'S down to count in Southern Kentucky.

Windows at a JC Penney store in Hopkinsville, KY has been blown out with several injuries.

Gusts are topping 70 MPH in SEVERAL locations.

Damage near Clarksville, TN with trees down and buildings damaged.

Overturned tractor-trailer near Clarksville on I-24 due to strong winds

THREE overturned trucks on I-24 near Hopkinsville. One is a tanker which is REPORTEDLY leaking fuel.

Line of storms moving at 63 mph according to NEWS 2's Lisa Patton...

Stewart County reporting several damaged homes

Line is now EAST of Nashville marching toward Lebanon in Wilson County.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of damage in Bumpus Mills, Tn. Stewart County.

How would I find out?

Can't seem to get in touch with my son.


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