Monday, January 7, 2008

Was It A Record?

The big question for us today.....Was A Record (High) Temperature set today?

Yes and NO...and here's why.

According to our NWS Coop Site in Cookeville, our high was:
65°..that isn't a record (69° in '98..see earlier post)...BUT,
Many stations across the Upper Cumberland exceeded the record:

My Station was close at 68.1°
West Cookeville: 70.0°
Algood, TN (east of us): 70.5°
South Cookeville: 71.8°
Regional Airport 70.7°
Baxter, TN (west of us): 70.3°
Monterey, TN: 71.4°
Hilham, TN (north): 73.0°
Silver Point, TN: 71.0°
Crossville, TN: 64.0° (record: 65° in 1998)
Nashville, TN: 71.0° at 3 pm (tied record from 1888)

More later.

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