Friday, January 4, 2008

Weather In The News

Interesting weather story on MSNBC

Wacky California Weather Story by the NY Times

Firefighters Rescue People From Swollen River

Nat'l Weather Round-up from those 'other' Weather Guys

Cold, Flurries in FL...but minimal crop damage

San Diego, CA Weather Forecast (GO TITANS!!)


Anonymous said...

It did get cold here in FL but not as cold as forecast. In fact we NEED a cold snap every year to make the fruit taste better. No doubt there will be some awesome strawberries harvested next month!

Michael Detwiler said...

I agree with you on making the strawberries taste better!! Makes them sweeter! are your plans for moving coming along?

Anonymous said...

Re: moving, going along OK, it's funny how many home projects one puts off until it's almost time for someone ELSE to enjoy the house! But in this market every little thing that'll make a home more salable is important. Today is a beautiful day for clearing brush, trimming branches, etc. - about 75 degrees w/nice breeze. Though as a native Northerner I miss having a real winter, every year!


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