Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Flu Fight Continues

After having a decent Friday healthwise, the chills and fever along with a sore throat have returned this Saturday morning. My temperature is 100.8° and did someone get the license plate of that truck that ran over me?

As for our weather, it is below freezing this morning with precipitation falling. Our patio furniture has a nice, frozen glaze on it. So do our automobile windshields. Cars, however, on the roads (that I can see) are moving at a decent clip.

Our latest, local forecast here.

I am under the care of a Doctor (and I know the GREAT PHYSICIAN, my daddy in heaven will heal me, too). In the natural, however, I'm taking Tamiflu along with the over-the-counter product "Emergen-C" and Tylenol. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that! Hope you get to feeling better real soon! We also have a nice dusting of SNOW in and around my yard! .25 inches is what we got!

Polarbear said...

That's not contagious through a blog is it? I figure that you must be feeling better as my wife said she thought that she saw your wife at Nick's on Sunday. We were there with a large group. Anyway, hope all is well and stay well because as we all know viruses and the Internet are not a good mix! :)


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