Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Many Tornadoes Across Tennessee

We have reports FLOODING in.....

A huge tornado has hit Macon County (Lafayette) area. The county mayor says 'it looks like a war zone'. Ten are known dead in the Macon County area. I have a relative in Macon County and cannot get hold of him.

A tornado hit Castalian Springs...5 are known dead. It is near the Macon/Trousdale county lines...a large fire at a Natural Gas pumping plant exploded and the glow was seen from over 80 miles away. A boat dock near Shady Cove has been destroyed.

A tornado hit Jackson, TN...2 are known dead. 50 students from Union University taken to area hospitals...9 are still in the hospital with moderate to serious injuries

A tornado hit Fairview, TN....reports are just now coming in.

Hickman County, TN near Edna......reports are now just coming in.

Many school systems across TN are closed today.


Dewdrop said...

Excellent coverage, Michael! I am glad you faired well. Hope you can get in touch with your family soon, to make sure they are OK.

Anonymous said...

Pretty scary. Castalian Springs was one of the areas where we looked at homes. Mostly newer construction, I hope the more stringent codes helped people pull through better.

It was just about a year ago (2/2/07) that an F3 tornado ripped through The Villages, a retirement community here in Florida, with 8 fatalities.

Polarbear said...

I was glad to see on TNWX that your family is ok. What a crazy night. My cell phone was going crazy early this morning with text alerts. Here in Baxter, we saw a nasty little piece of the main line. I think it drifted a little north of Cookeville, but thankfully didn't really see any tree damage or anything. The storm last week brought more dead limbs down in the yard.

My prayers go out to all of those affected people and to the folks at Union. I have a number of friends who went to school there.

Charles said...

Thanks Mike, I'm fine but am really scared for my friends in Lafayette! Hope you can get contacted with your family here soon! Will pray for there safety!

Michael Detwiler said...

Terry Hudson, my wife's uncle called us and said he was fine. A friend of his, though, lost her life.

Polarbear said...

My prayers have been going out to these affected families all day. It's so tragic, and many times just needless. We called my in-laws last night to let them know that the tornado was approaching their vicinity (thankfully it went S and E of them) and they were not watching the weather at all, they were watching the UT game! I about went nuts!

My heart has been somber all day.

Michael Detwiler said...

Michael...aka Polarbear...when we called our relative, he was hit while we were on the phone with him and we didn't hear from him until this morning.

FiveNineStorm said...

This outbreak is a very sad and tragic one it is sometimes hard when you hear the stories on out of Nashville New Channels not ot feel like your about cry. I hope everyone in the effected area of Tuesdany nights and Wed Mornings storms can come out stronger than ever.

Unknown said...

i went through the tornado that had gone through Fairview TN and it was horrible but nobody here had died there were only injuries.


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