Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

TEMA's Fifth Situational Report (Current as of 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 7.)

FEB 08Updated 7 Feb 08, 4:35 pm
A strong line of super-cell thunderstorms struck Memphis from Arkansas between 6:00 and 6:15 pm on February 5, 2008 and swept northeast through the state. These cells developed tornadoes in several locations causing severe damage to multiple locations in eleven counties from Shelby to Macon. The storms finally departed Tennessee shortly after midnight. There are 33 persons reported as fatalities by the Tennessee Department of Health and over 189 injured; one person is missing.

CLAY COUNTY• One injury (tornado).

FAYETTE COUNTY• One fatality in Somerville (Fayette County): truck overturned in tornado.• Up to 25 tractor trailer trucks overturned (revised) on I-40 between Mile Markers 60 and 70 between Memphis and Brownsville.

HARDIN COUNTY• 3 fatalities (tornado), 12 injured

HICKMAN COUNTY• 1 injured (wind)

MACON COUNTY• 14 fatalities, 40 injuries (tornado)

MADISON COUNTY• Two fatalities in Denmark (tornado), 64 injured.• Union University had 16 students trapped in a dormitory, 3 critical injuries.• Jackson Oaks Retirement Center initially reported 50 persons trapped, but American Red Cross arrived and moved the residents to a shelter.

SHELBY COUNTY• Three fatalities and 36 injured (tornado caused wall of building to collapse).• THP radio tower with THP and TEMA antennas fell in Arlington.• Wall collapse due to tornado on Sears Building in Hickory Ridge Mall, Memphis, 1 death.• 120,000 pounds of Anhydrous Ammonia released into the atmosphere at Hardy Bottling Company, 5151 East Rains, Memphis (no impact on public).• Memphis Airport closed Runway 27 and Taxiways 2A and 2B; Gate B39 damaged.

SMITH COUNTY• 11 injuries (tornado)

SUMNER COUNTY• 7 fatalities, 14 injuries (tornado)

TROUSDALE COUNTY• Pipeline fire (now burned out), Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, 5422 Green Grove Road, Hartsville, TN• 3 fatalities (tornado), 2 injuries, 1 missing.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY• 4 injuries (tornado)SHELTERS: 2 open with 85 occupants (peak was 140).

Prepared by
Donnie K. Smith
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

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