Friday, February 1, 2008

Tiger Woods

Just saw where Tiger Woods and other golfers playing in Dubai (U.A.E.) are fighting blowing sand conditions. **YUCK** CBS Sportsline story here

The weather forecast for Dubai for tomorrow calls for much better conditions!

Saturday....Clear. High: 66° F. Wind WNW 8 mph.


Charles said...

Yeah Mike I'm an earlybird!!! What's your take on the severe threat on Election Day?

Michael Detwiler said...

Hmmmm, Charles...I don't have a good handle on it just yet...I'll get back with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike! Hope it dosen't get bad like it did when the tornado touched down in Gallatin!! That was scary! Also I don't like to do tornado drills in school either because everyone gets in a panic!!


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