Sunday, March 23, 2008

Major I.S.P. Issues

My apologies if you come to this site and my live weather station isn't working. Have major connection (or lack thereof) issues with my internet service provider. A technician was out last week and 'slowed down' my connection (no, I don't know why either..). He said that would help. Approximately 30 minutes after he left, it was down again. Since then, we've been offline more than online. The frustrating thing is that it should 'reconnect' when it recognizes the signal, but it isn't. Made another call on Thursday night to the ISP, they will be sending someone out again to see if we can get to the bottom of the issue. Oh, and our service comes from their main office. We're at the 'end of the line' whereas the new, updated service comes from a place just 500 yards from our home...nope, don't know why our connection isn't provided out of there. It is a 3 mbps connection and right now, we're at 768...GRRRRRR


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can only get 768 kbps on my connection, & I'm hoping to go for 6 mbps when I can. Oh well, after being on dial up for all these years until I could get DSL it's nice to have something faster than what I had. When they tried to take me up to even 1.5 the other week my connection slowed down to 300 kbps, so I had to battle it out with them on the phone to get everything situated. I feel for you.

I can't wait till I can move to where the DSL people know what they're doing :-)

Haven't seen you blogging on WeatherBug lately. Been missing your WeatherBug reports.

Thanks again!
Nathan Parker
WeatherBug Backyard Sr. Anchor
Hot Springs, AR

Michael Detwiler said...

It is frustrating for sure, Nathan!

I'll see you again on WeatherBug...hope all is well in your area!


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