Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Developing Situation... regards to a major rain event for the Mid-State area through Friday evening.

There is a lot to go over tonight, so I'll get right to it. Again, remember the underlined items in any of my posts are links that will take you to the information.

The National Weather Service in Nashville, TN has issued a **Flash Flood Watch for Northwest Middle Tennessee** for late Thursday night through Friday evening.

Additionally, a **Flood Potential Outlook** indicates that many areas of Middle Tennessee will see up to 4 inches of rain during this event.

This is an excellent time to review "Flood Safety Rules" advised these rules could save your life in the event of a flooding situation.

The latest forecast discussion was just released. Very interesting read, once you get past the technical jargon....

The NWS-Nashville has just issued the March Climate Summary. It shows that Nashville was .1 of a degree above normal and Crossville was .7 below normal.

You can get ***Our latest, local forecast*** by clicking on that link.


Anonymous said...

Mike, do you believe that we could get into a Severe Thunderstorm Watch tomorrow morning? I believe thta the tornaod threat is too small here to put out a Tornado Wtach, but like've you siad before, Tennessee weather can change in a minute! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the grammar mistakes...Got Keyboard Happy! LOL!


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