Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Frosty Start (Tornadoes in Virginia)

Temperatures plummeted overnight to the lower and mid 30's across TN. Frost is being reported across much of our state. Paris (in West TN) is reporting 29° at 6 am. Our NWS station her in Cookeville had 31° at 6 am. We got down to 34° here at my home.

We'll see highs around 58° which is more than 10 degrees below normal.

Our latest, local forecast

Serious tornado damage in Virginia as more than 200 are injured. There is a slideshow available.

Back to Tennessee weather, we will see temperatures rebound (after another night, this evening, with frost) beginning Wednesday as highs will reach near 70 and in the middle 70's on Thursday and Friday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks and Good Job on your weather report. I hope all my plants fare well tonight.

Anonymous said...

what a weather we are having, hope our will open to put stop on global warming...

Loacl Weather Forecast

Michael Detwiler said...

Anonymous...thanks! I think they did fine....

Local Weather...we, typically, have interesting weather each and every year...I'm a huge history buff and we aren't seeing things that haven't happened before. While we might be warmer, I don't think we humans are the cause. ~My opinion!~


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