Monday, April 14, 2008

Snow In April

Here it is April 14, 2008 and we had snow falling today...

12:10 pm....large, wet snowflakes mixing with rain

1:45 pm.....sleet and snow falling from sky moderately

2:40 pm....snow is again mixing with rain

5:00 pm.....precipitation in rain gauge measures .15 inches

Temperatures today rose to 43.8° before falling back during times of rain/slow. Often the frozen precip will bring the current temperatures down quickly. Very interesting to see snow falling when the temperatures are 40°+

Check out the RISE AND FALL of temperatures on my weather station graph today. Notice that when they take a fall (first graph) that we have precipitation falling (last graph). If the graphs are too hard to see, click on it to see a larger picture.

Say goodbye (after tonight) to the very cold temperatures as we expect daytime highs to rise near 70°


Maynard said...

Had the day off today so I decided to traverse the area and observe the weather. Encountered pea-sized hail that completely covered the ground on the Calfkiller Highway south of Monterey. Encountered heavy, wet snow showers on the Monterey-Crossville highway. Encountered a dusting of snow on the Crossville-Sparta highway, as well as some pretty thick fog.

This was around noon. Interesting to contrast how different the weather can be in such a small area.

Michael Detwiler said...

Very interesting observations Daniel!! It is strange how things can be so different....

Mike Wilhelm said...

Amazing...snow in April...must be global warming, Mike!


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