Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where We Stand (Rainfall Through Today)

Took a look at our rainfall through today and where we stand compared to normal precipitation.

As of today, April 20th, 2008,
we've measured:
16.91" at My CoCoRaHS Station
17.37" at our NWS-COOP Station

Normal Rainfall Through This Date is:
18.54 Inches

So, doing the math, we are 91.21% of normal at My Station and 93.69% of normal at the COOP Station which is located at the Cookeville Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Cookeville.

Looking at last year during the beginning stages of the drought of 2007, we finished the January-April period with just 13.15" of rain and were just 65.58% of normal.

Based on this information, we are substantially ahead of last year and very near normal this year.

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Anonymous said...

Does snowfall get factored into that in any way? Just wondering how that works on the different monitoring equipment.


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