Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foggy Overnight and Morning!

We'll see fog develop overnight here on the Highland Rim in Middle TN. I expect many other locations across TN to see fog also.

*Local Webcam* (won't see too much tonight, other than cool looking lights, but it will be interesting by daybreak)

After the fog burns off tomorrow morning, temperatures should rise quickly to near 80 degrees! Could even see upper 80's to near 90 by the weekend. :) I wish someone (anyone?) would volunteer to mow my grass when it is that warm!

*Latest Local Forecast*

It was a very busy day across Weather "Blogland" as many folks stopped in to find information out about Parkersburg, Iowa. I appreciate your time in seeing my site. Remember those fine folks in that community as they go through the grief and rebuilding process.

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