Monday, May 19, 2008

Geography Lesson

One of my dear readers pointed out to me that we are not actually on the Cumberland Plateau.

Actually we are on the Highland Rim section of the Cumberland Plateau. The official plateau area (see above map) starts somewhere around Monterey in the higher elevations.

Here is another site with more information.

Thanks for the correction David! :)


Maynard said...

Yeah, I always noticed this but never said anything. I blame the Nashville weathermen, who always seem to just refer to anything east of Lebanon as "over on the plateau".

Michael Detwiler said...


What you say is true! I've gotten into the same habit of calling it 'the Plateau'...did so during my Weatherman days at Channel 7! I think it becomes a habit. From now, I'll refer to our area as the Highland Rim or the Highlands of Tennessee (the preferred name by our Chamber).

Anonymous said...

I'd been wondering about that, too - thanks for the map, it shows it better than what I'd been able to find so far.

By coincidence I've just been watching a show I'd recorded (off PBS I think) about the history and formation of the Appalachians. They didn't talk much about the Tennessee portions though.


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