Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hurricane Discussion

In honor of hurricane season starting in just under 14 days, I thought I'd post about these weather creatures.

Interesting article from the AP Science Writer that just popped up.

Says (in a nutshell) that 'climate change' is NOT the cause of the recent so-called jump in hurricanes.

**Hmmm, could it be cyclical?**

The study was published today in Nature Geoscience.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, since I haven't been able to post over here in a while. I was wanting to know where you have your SKYCAM shot hooked up at? I really don't see much happenbing today with the storms and all. I posted over at talkweather about why I think nothing will happen and I think I may get bashed for it. Hey it's good practice. LOL! You have a good Monday.

Anonymous said...

I think the jury's still out on hurricanes; the predictions these past few years have been quite off the mark. One thing the AP article does note (in contradiction to its own headline) is that while the NUMBER of storms may not be demonstrably connected to oceanic and atmospheric warming, the INTENSITY could be. If I had to take my pick, I'd rather have a hundred Category 1 and 2 storms make landfall than a single Cat 5.

Michael Detwiler said...

tncorgi...I agree with you on all of your points...especially about having 100 Category 1 or 2's versus 1 Cat. 5


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