Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rough Overnight Possible

We are in SEVERE WEATHER MODE...will be updating a little more frequently as conditions warrant.......

It looks as if we'll see some developing SEVERE WEATHER from around midnight through daybreak here on the Plateau in Middle Tennessee. While southwest Tennessee is under a Tornado Watch, the general thinking is that all of Middle Tennessee will need to be on the lookout for SEVERE WEATHER.

Some links to keep up...

Nashville National Weather Service
NWS's Severe Weather Mode
NWS's Severe Weather Summary Page (new)
Nashville WX (Channel 2's Blog)

I would take this situation seriously (especially if you're in Southern Sections of Middle TN) as we progress through the evening. Don't be caught off guard. If you plan on going out, listen to local radio, have your mobile phone with you, and let someone know that you're going to be away from TV and internet so they may at least alert you in the event of severe weather in your area.

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