Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Featuring Most Memorable Videos from The Weather Channel Collection on


ATLANTA, May 20, 2008 – Compiled for the many weather fanatics across the country, The Weather Channel Interactive, Inc. (TWCI) today debuted the Top Weather Videos on After combing through the archives and reviewing the records and viewer feedback, this video collection features the best, most memorable and most popular videos on


Viewed on the "Blue Box" video player on, the weather videos are grouped together by specific categories including Jim Cantore's top picks, 20 most popular videos and when weather and food collide.


Videos currently available on the site include:  

Jim Cantore's Top Picks:

-          Cantore's face freezes during snow storm

-          Cantore in the eye of Hurricane Dennis

-          Cantore battling the power of Katrina

When Weather and Food Collide:

-          What happens when boiling water is tossed into sub-zero air?

-          Watch salad being blown by tornado strength winds

-          Hot cars turn into a chocolate oven

20 Most Popular Videos:

-          User submitted video: Hurricane Dean impacts St. Kitts

-          Raw footage: Car being swept under Tropical Storm Erin's water 

-          Dr. Steve Lyons takes on hurricane force winds



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