Sunday, May 11, 2008

What Happened To Spring?

That is the question we are all asking ourselved tonight as temperatures have dropped through the 60's, through the 50's and now stand at 50.6°......combine that with a north wind that has been persistent around 15 mph this evening and you've got a raw, late fall evening.

Funny thing, our high today occurred at 8:15 this morning when it was 66.1°...I'd gone out to get the paper and we had a warm westerly wind with sunshine filled skies...that was the best it got today.

Skies have been mostly cloudy throughout the day with some drizzle in the late afternoon. Our highest wind gust was 25.1 mph. One other station measured a 30.0 mph wind gust earlier today. Over near Nashville, Smyrna Airport measured a 46 mph gust.

We will eventually recover from this chilly run as the workweek forecast looks quite nice!

In other weather news, twisters have killed at least 22 this weekend across the US, including one in Dublin, GA. My sister used to live there.

Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of the Day

On May 11, 2003...
A pre-dawn severe weather outbreak produces six tornadoes across the Nashville metropolitan area. Two of the tornadoes (Franklin and Walterhill) are rated as F3, and produce considerable damage. The other four twisters are rated F1. Amazingly, there are no injuries. This is the 9th largest tornado outbreak in Middle Tennessee's history.

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