Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild Night In Kansas

These pictures are courtesy of KAKE-TV. They have a very nice Weather Gallery.

My friends over at Severe Studios have had a busy night chasing bad weather in Kansas.

Last evening around 8:22 pm, a tornado warning was issued for Greensburg, KS. You may remember this town. It was nearly completely destroyed last May. While these folks are hardy and tornado toughened, I imagine their hearts beat a little faster than normal this evening.

Amazing video from Douglas Kiesling chasing a Wedge Tornado. My apologies in advance for the one foul word during his attempt to avoid being killed by this huge tornado. Stick with the video, it gets VERY impressive about 1:10 in to it.

This area will again be under the gun today as Severe Weather is expected in the Kansas area.

SevereStudios Chasers Ben Holcomb, Kory Hartman and Kenny Allen will be in the field chasing and streaming today. Associate Chasers Tim Purington and Johnathan Brouwer will also be in the field today.

Excellent story from WSB in Atlanta about these storms.

Our Memorial Day weekend weather is promising to be warm and dry. Be sure, if you have plants, to water your garden.


Charles Loring said...

Those are some nice pictures. So how's everything there in Cookeville? I've been to Cookeville once. I really liked it.

Mike Wilhelm said...

Great coverage!

Michael Detwiler said...

Charles...everything is great here....nice day today...

Mike...thanks for the compliment. Means alot coming from you.


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