Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Summertime!

Thanks to our good friends over at for this post. Meteorologist Justin Bruce, of News2 in Nashville writes in his post why today is the longest day of the year!

This will answer some of the DEEP technical questions my teenage daughter had for me on this subject. Thanks Justin!


Anonymous said...

I love this stuff, having a fascination for the planets, cosmology etc. I recall I think that the Earth is actually FARTHER from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere summer than it is in winter.

Also, for those who haven't experienced it, summer arrives in Florida at the end of February and ends just after the final few hurricanes, sometime around Christmas. :)

Michael Detwiler said...


*LOL@Summer in Florida* are about right on that! We went to Venice for vacation last summer in the middle of July and it was VERY, VERY hot!

Some of the 'natives' said it was like that all the time! :)


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