Monday, June 2, 2008

Warm Week Ahead...

We'll end up having our warmest week of the season so far. It is a beautiful Monday morning with temperatures in the lower 60's. By mid-week, temperatures rise in to the middle 80's and we might see 90° by the end of the week.

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Charles Loring said...

Have fun going out there and do tell what you find out. I might post it on my blog since it deals with the Rim. But I'm hesiatent to post it since it may be an accidental false report.

Charles Loring said...

Sorry Mike to post again, but I found something wierd about the report. The report was calle din at guys weren't in a Severe T'storm Warning til 4:30. That's 45 minutes difference then when the storm got there. So to me that would help it be reported as a false report. You can e-mail if you'd like to what you think it may have been.

MTWC said...

Hey Mike, Please change MTWC's link to . I finally got the custom domain to work!

-Clay in Nashville

Michael Detwiler said...


I got it done!


I will be linking a news story about the apparent tornado in the next little bit.


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