Thursday, July 10, 2008

The First 10 Days of July

Let's look at a synopsis of the first ten days of July...

Average High Temperature: 85.1
Average Low Temperature: 62.1

Normal High: 87.1
Normal Low: 64.6

Days of rainfall: 5
Total Rainfall: 3.89"

Last year through this period
Avg. High: 88.2
Avg. Low: 66.1

Outlook for rest of month...
...A 40% chance of above average temperatures.
...Rainfall should average near normal for the period.

Outlook for August
Near Normal Temperatures and Rainfall

Outlook for September-December...
Temperatures should average just slightly below normal

**Temperatures and Outlooks are courtesy of the National Weather Service in Nashville, TN while the precipitation was recorded here on site. **

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