Saturday, August 30, 2008

10 PM (CDT) Update...

Watching TV out of New Orleans as I is the link.

It is really incredible when you think about the fact that, if Gustav strikes New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Katrina struck just three years ago.

Hopefully, lessons have been learned by residents and officials alike.  When you see how they've stayed on top of this, I believe they are doing the right thing. is the update...courtesy of the Nat'l Hurricane Center.  As of now, according to the forecast, Gustav will be STRONGER than Katrina when it comes ashore.  Storm surge is the greatest risk...15-20 foot surge will be common around the eye and just to the east of the eye. 

A shift of only 25-30 miles to the east would be absolutely devastating for the city of New Orleans.  Combining the surge with 150+ mph winds will cause damage unseen even by Katrina. 

Ed Rappaport, of the Nat'l Hurricane Center, is telling viewers on WDSU to prepare for the worst and listen to whatever instructions that are being issued by local officials.

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