Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Storm Damage 8-6-2008

**11:55 pm update**
Jefferson Avenue in downtown Cookeville is completely blocked with power lines down near Tractor Supply and Electronics Express.

**11:51 pm update**

Cookeville Electric Department is swamped with calls....

Powerful electrical storm along with strong winds has struck my area.

Storm reports are flying in.....more than I can keep up with at this time.

Numerous trees are down in the Cookeville/Putnam County area. Severe storm rolled through and my power has gone out twice. Power continuing to flicker at 11:42 pm update.

A partial list of trees down......
  • Pippin Road just off Hwy 70 West of town
  • Jefferson Avenue (Exit 287) @ I-40 near KFC
  • Hwy 70 just East of Hwy 111 (includes power lines)
  • Buck Mtn Road @ Mt. Pleasant Road with a vehicle underneath it.
  • Poplar Grove Road in east Cookeville
  • Whitson Avenue in Downtown Cookeville (near my in-laws)
  • Neal Street in East Cookeville near Hwy 111 and Averitt Express
  • Dry Valley Road in East Cookeville
Power lines down on Jefferson Avenue near Wal-Mart on an on-premise sign (Bridgestone) that is on fire at 11:46 pm

More reports coming in...monitoring scanner at this time.


Anonymous said...

Great reports!

MTWC said...

I agree. Great job!
-Clay in Nashville

Carla said...

You should see the downed trees and limbs in my parents yard! I wanted to take a pic. and send to you buy my cell phone seems to be broken!!
Good job reporting!!!

Michael Detwiler said...


I swung by there this afternoon and snapped a couple of pictures. Amazing damage! Thanks for the compliment.



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