Thursday, September 4, 2008

Digital Warnings (courtesy: Lamar Advertising)

As most of you already know, my daytime (or paying) job is with Lamar Outdoor Advertising.  We are the largest billboard-only company in the United States.  Over the last few years, Digital Displays (some call them 'jumbo-trons' have become very popular.  One of the incredible features of these billboards is the fact we can change them at a moment's notice.  They've been instrumental in capturing people on the run via Amber Alerts.  Above is an advertisement running in several of our markets including:

Daytona Beach, FL - 004
Brunswick, GA - 240
Savannah, GA - 079
Columbia, SC - 204
Asheville, NC - 136
Elizabethtown, NC - 205
Rocky Mount, NC - 278
Lenoir, NC - 299

for Tropical Storm Hannah.  These billboards get critical information out to the general public in addition to advertisements for paying clients!  I'm thrilled to be associated with a company that cares.

Side note:  Our headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA continues (like many of the homes and businesses in Louisiana) to be without power.  We are operating on a limited basis with generators.  The good news (for some of our clients) is we're unable to send out invoices right now...but the bad news for some of us is that some checks could be delayed.  We here in Tennessee completely understand about our paycheck being delayed.  

Hang in there, my Louisiana workmates...ya'll are the BEST! :)

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