Friday, September 5, 2008

Hannah and Ike

Tropical Storm Hannah is coming ashore overnight in South Carolina.  Watching winds at a station near Bald Head Beach, NC and seeing south to southeasterly winds whip to 47 mph tonight with gusts running to 56 mph.  Much more of this area will continue to feel the effects of Hannah.

Heavy rains have already saturated much of the area around N. Myrtle Beach, SC as 3+ inches is common.

Landfall for Hannah is expected between Pauley's Island, SC in the south to Ocean Isle, NC and anywhere in between.

Hurricane Ike is the big Daddy in the Atlantic.  He is expected to continue his WSW movement and northern Cuba and the Florida Keys are in his path.  

Latest models indicate Ike will continue his trek into the Gulf.  From there, it is anyone's guess.

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Anonymous said...

As the forecast cone updates keep sliding further westward, there's a palpable increase in concern here on the West coast of FL. People still remember Charley all too well!

Ike, take a hike!


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