Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 Water Year Summary (Maximum Catalog)

Water Year Summary
2008 has been a very interesting year with our weather.  Just completed the Water Year Summary and the actual dates are from October 2007 through September 2008.  What is a 'water year summary' you may ask?  Well, thank you for asking, it is a study of rainfall to see at what percentage of normal do we stand for a given period.  We're studying a 12 month period with the dates above.

We recorded 44.54" of rain and our normal (from 1971-2000) is 57.82" annually.  We were about 23% short or 77% of normal.

Maximum Catalog
Received my new 2009 Maximum Weather Instruments catalog in the mail today.  Talk about great weather instruments!  Allow me to give you all their are an excellent operation with incredible equipment.  You can also contact them by calling 508.995.2200.  Maximum also carries commercial products and their commercial site is available by clicking here .

Maximum's Maestro Wind Display


Anonymous said...

Michael - I too love their instruments. I'm partial to analog indicators anyway. Planning of getting some? You write as if you joined their sales staff ;-) You all have a great Lord's Day!

Michael Detwiler said...


would LOVE to get some Maximum equipment. Hopefully one day! If I could be a dealer for them and Davis, I'd be set!

It is a business idea that is worth consideration. Installations, service, sales, etc.


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