Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In The Path of Omar

Received a 'panicked' call this evening from relatives in St. Maarten (pronounced Martin).  They've been watching Tropical Storm Omar and decided to evacuate.  Here is how it went:

Me:  Hello....

Relative:  Hey, have you seen the weather lately? (duh!)  
               There is a possible Cat. 2 hurricane heading  our way.  

Me:  Ok...So what would you like me to do? (figuring they wanted updates)

Relative:  We need a flight out immediately.  Not ready to die on this island!

Me:  Where would you like to go?

Relative:  I don't care, anywhere, Miami or New York

Me:  Ok, I'll check...got a flight going out tomorrow at 3-something.

Relative:  Great, I'll take it.  

Me:  Do you want to know how much?

Relative:  Heck no, I just want out of here...

And so it went, got them booked out of St. Maarten in advance of soon-to-be Hurricane Omar.  Hopefully, there are able to get out.   How they are going to get from Miami back home is a yet-to-be determined and ever evolving situation!

Funny thing is, they can see the ocean from their balcony.  It isn't so funny when you're staring at a possible Cat 2 storm and you're in, basically, a third-world country.

Just another day in the Weather Business!

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