Sunday, October 12, 2008

Warm Sunday!

A very nice Sunday here in Cookeville, TN indeed.  Waking up to temperatures of 68° as I write this post.  We'll run on up into the upper 70's to lower 80's for most of us here in Tennessee.

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Speaking of nice weather, the runners at the Chicago Marathon will see EXCELLENT weather today.  My wife and her father ran in this one several years ago.

Can you believe Boise, Idaho saw the earliest measurable snowfall since records have been kept?  They measured 1.7" on Friday, October 10th.

Now had this been a heat event, the mainstream media and others would have been SCREAMING how it was the hottest ever.  They seem to forget the disclaimer 'since records have been kept' is part of their agenda to convince us all.

Attend church today, if you can.  If not, click on MY CHURCH and the services will be on there LIVE.  First Service started at 8:30 am and Second Service begins at 10:30...enjoy!


MTWC said...

Nice where I am, Mike. In fact my high was held to just 79º after a low of 61º. Another interesting thing that might make for an interesting blog post is the fact that so far 2008 has been the coolest (63º) so far since 2003(62º) at this point at Nashville.
-Clay in Nashville

Michael Detwiler said...

Clay...that is an interesting number. What is your source for that?



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